The AzFCA has partnered with the Glacier Clinics to provide the following educational opportunities with AzFCA Membership:

  1. Arizona high school head coaches will receive free access to (Presented by Glacier) between 2/10/14 - 3/10/14.
  2. After the trial period, AzFCA member schools will be able to purchase a one year subscription for $130 per staff when you pay your AzFCA staff membership fees (Noted above).
    • Example: A DII school wanting to be a part of the AzFCA and purchase access to needs to send $530 ($400 + $130) to the AzFCA by April 1.
    • Example: A DV school wanting to be a part of the AzFCA with 3 staff members and purchase access to needs to send $380 ($250 + $130) to the AzFCA by April 1.
    • Please note that the AzFCA declined profit sharing in order to provide our coaches the lowest possible prices.
  3. AzFCA Member Schools receive the following services:
    • Annual Coaching Clinic
      Members receive free admission to the spring coaching clinic held each year. This time is used to share information and educate football coaches and administrators on advances within the coaching profession as it pertains to technique, safety, heath, program development, game planning, etc.
    • Annual All Star Game Festival
      Members selected players can participate for free. The all star festival is held once a year to award players for their accomplishments both on and off the field. The four-day event consists of practices, housing, meals and activities focused on educating players and parents on educational opportunities available to student athletes.
    • Spring College Showcase
      Members, players and parents can attend for free. In an attempt to help freshman, sophomores and juniors receive more recognition among college coaches, the AzFCA holds a skills showcase clinic in conjunction with NCAA spring recruiting. The showcase includes field activities and classroom teachings on academics and financial aid.
    • Winter College Showcase
      Members and players can attend the showcase for free. The Winter College Showcase is held during the Football Championship weekend. Our high school head coaching members have the opportunity to talk with college coaches from across the nation in an attempt to place their student athletes. Student athletes have the opportunity to display their athletic ability to college coaches by completing agility drills. The objective of this event is to showcase our junior and graduating senior student athlete football players. It is our goal to assist student athletes in finding financial assistance in attending a college or university.
    • Recruiting/Combine Prep Clinics
      Members players and parents can attend for a reduced fee or for free. Clinics are held throughout Arizona. The focus of these clinics is to educate players, parents, coaches and administrators on the recruiting process while focusing on academics and financial aid. Athletic training drills are also presented in an attempt to educate coaches and players on proper techniques
    • Continued Education
      Coaches and schools are eligible to receive savings on coaching development services with the AzFCA Mentoring Program and Character Matters (In development).
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