Do you ever catch your coach saying, "If I only knew then what I know now"? It is because they learn through coaching experiences and knowledge gained over the years. Here is your chance to learn from 16 head coaches with over a combined 400 years of experience!

The Fundamentals of Football Camp focuses on teaching players what coaches wish they knew as players so that you will not look back on your football career and say, "If I only knew then what I know now".

We want to develope true students of the game. The more you understand what you are supposed to do, the faster you will be able to react on the playing field, thus enabling you to stop thinking and just play ball!

The Fundamentals of Football Camp teaches players what assistant coaches are taught. You are run through individual position drills to help you better understand the mechanics of your position.

  • The Fundamentals of Movement (Maximizing your quickness)
  • The Fundamentals of Hitting (Blocking and tackling)
  • The Fundamentals of the Running Game
  • The Fundamentals of the Passing Game
  • Individual Position Drills
  • Team Drills and Competition
  • Football by the Numbers (There are only 11 players on the field)

You are taught a classroom curriculum covering such topics as:

  • The Evaluation of Football Strategies: Formations and Fronts
  • Game Planning:
    • Coverage's and Gap Control
    • The Running Game and Passing Tree
  • Roles of a player (A great leader must first follow)

In addition to introducing you to the fundamentals of football, emphasis is also placed on:

  • College Placement (Recruiting and Marketing)
  • Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • The Mechanics of Running
  • Combine Preparation

The Fundamentals of Football Camp is like no other. Our goal is to develop coaches on the field. It is designed to inform, educate and provide guidance to student athletes that want to reach their full potential as a player and may be considering making the football profession (coaching or playing) a career. The knowledge gained will help you reach your greatest athletic capabilities while preparing you for a life and a career after you are done playing.

Challenge yourself!
Next camp will be held in 2014.

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