The Mentoring Program is designed to inform, educate and provide guidance for student athletes, and current and potential coaches that are considering making the football profession (coaching or playing) a career.

The AzFCA has been developing a curriculum that will provide Development Hours and CEU's to its participants.This is the first program of its kind and set to impact our profession.

Thosed served:

  • Mentors - Current and/or retired coaches
  • Mentorees - Current coaches or those students or graduate students exploring the coaching profession as a career
  • Campers - Current high school football student athletes

The Mentoring Program begins with a 5 day program held over two weekends. The first 2.5 day weekend will be held on March. During this weekend, AzFCA Mentors will assist or lead classroom and field teachings to the Mentorees. The second portion of the program will be held on April. During this time, Mentors will oversee the Mentorees teach high school football student athletes, "Campers".

Follow up
The Mentoring Program will continue through January through periodic meetings with assigned Mentors. Mentorees will also be required to complete assignments and administer AzFCA events through June. These assignments and events include but are not limited to:

  • Develop a professional resume
  • Development of professional plan
  • Develop a football program guide
  • Mentor follow up meetings during the AzFCA Football Clinic
  • AzFCA Combine Coordination
  • AzFCA All Star Coordination

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The Football Camp for high school student athletes will be held April. Much of the information taught to the student athletes will follow a similar curriculum as the Mentorees with additional information on the potential of playing football at the next levels and how to develop a plan of parallel paths (playing football, coaching and other careers/education).

Learn what coaches wish they knew as players
Student athletes will be taught as coaches. There will be individual drills but the main focus of this camp is to develop "Coaches on the field". Our program focuses on building a solid understanding of football so that on the field reaction is minimized, thus providing a faster player. Read more

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